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Special Equipments

Fire Suits

A fire proximity suit (also, silvers, silver bunker suit, or asbestos suit) is a suit designed to protect a firefighter from high temperatures, especially near fires of extreme temperature such as aircraft fires. There are three basic types of these aluminized suits: Approach suit—used for work in the general area of high temperatures such as steel mills and smelting facilities. Proximity suit—used for aircraft rescue and fire fighting (AR-FF) and, in more heavily insulated versions, for kiln work requiring entry into the heated kiln. Entry suit—used for entry into extreme heat and situations requiring protection from total flame engulfment. Most commonly made of Zetex or Vermiculite and not aluminized.

Fireman axe

A fire axe is a type of axe which has been designed specifically for the use of firefighters, and it includes several features which make it ideally suited to emergency services in general. The primary distinguishing feature of a fire axe is the head, which features a classic axe blade on one side, and a pointed pick on the other. Companies which specialize in selling supplies to emergency services personnel often carry fire axes, and they can also be ordered directly from manufacturers.

Smoke Extractor

APS Series In-Line Smoke Spill. Commercial and industrial supply or exhaust air applications such as shopping centres, office buildings and car parks, through to industrial processes and equipment ventilation. Casings are hot-dip galvanised mild steel, or pre-galvanised steel.

Fire Blanket

A fire blanket is a safety device designed to extinguish small incipient (starting) fires. It consists of a sheet of fire retardant material which is placed over a fire in order to smother it.

Eye Washer

Eye wash fountains should have a similar type actuating lever. The flow rate should be 1.5 gallons per minute for eye wash only and 4.0 gallons per minute for eye wash/face wash combination devices.

Wind Shock

A windsock is a conical textile tube which resembles a giant sock. Windsocks typically are used at airports to indicate the direction and strength of the wind to pilots and at chemical plants where there is risk of gaseous leakage. They are sometimes located alongside highways at windy locations.

Traffic Equipment’s

Traffic Control Equipment. … Traffic cones, barricades and marking tape can help get traffic moving in the right direction and help to block off potential hazards, while high visibility safety vests and lighting can help keep your employees who help manage traffic safe on the job. Product Categories.

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